Friday, January 10, 2014

...But He Asked Me Anyway

The manfriend got me up early Thursday morning. His sister wouldn't be ready for dinner until after 3pm, but he was worried about traffic so we agreed to get on the road as early as possible. Once we were dressed and the massive amounts of food I'd cooked already were in the car, we headed out. I was in a much better mood, jealousy subsided and just wanting to enjoy the day.
Amazingly, there was almost NO traffic from the Valley all the way down to San Diego. We decided to "kill some time & shake off driving stress" (according to the manfriend) at our "secret spot". This is a bench overlooking the beach at the edge of his grad school campus. We've had many lovely romantic hours passed there, always at night. In my head, this was my secret dream proposal spot. I wanted him to propose quickly (no song & dance since I thought I'd be nervous)  and then somehow, magically, whisk me away to celebrate with everyone I love. Well….
When we got there, I got out of the car and walked up to our bench. There were people out on the beach and it was a beautiful day. It was awesome seeing it during the day for the first time.
Secret Spot
I was snapping pictures and checking in on Foursquare (I know, so romantic, right?) when my darling man came over with roses and a bottle of champagne. ACK!!! I knew. I knew right then but thought maaaaaybe there was a possibility that this was going to be one of those stories where it totally seems like a proposal and then it doesn't happen. So I just said thank you for the flowers and kissed him. Then I noticed him fiddling with his pocket and I freaked out! So I just kept kissing him! Ha ha ha. I just got so nervous!
He started talking between kisses, just saying my name and pet names…. then he dropped to one knee and said something about loving me (why is it so hard to remember?!) and asked me to marry him. I'm fairly sure I said yes. He got up and we hugged and kissed and random people down on the beach started clapping! :) After several minutes of kissing and laughing I was like "Well put it on me!"
My precious
We had some random surfer take our picture and then hung out on our bench drinking champagne, kissing, talking and just enjoying our secret for a little bit. After a while I called dad (he knew it was coming since the man called him on Tuesday to let him know/ask for his blessing). He was all emotional and happy for us and VERY proud of himself for not spilling the beans to my sister because he didn't want to take that away from us. :) I called sister at work & she was super happy for us too.
Then, exactly as I'd secretly hoped, after some alone time we got to celebrate in person with his family. We had an awesome, super chill, very happy, full of wedding talk Thanksgiving. The next day we had my family's traditional Thanksgiving II- Revenge of the Fat Pants.They've had a tough couple years (I lost track of the funerals) and really NEED something to celebrate. I tried to just show up & wait for someone to notice the ring, but that didn't happen. So I finally started waving my hand in front of my uncle, talking about what a GOOD Thanksgiving I had. My cousin finally figured it out and started screaming. Turns out, she's been calling venues for me for months! HA!
Then Saturday one of my closest friends got married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony at home and of course lots of my close friends were there too, including the guy who started my crazy jealous rampage! So literally, I was able to celebrate in person with almost everyone I love over my engagement weekend! He could not have planned it better!

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